Irfan Habeeb

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse" - Calvin & Hobbes.

Born and bought up in a countryside of India. Had an amazing childhood with a lot of friends and pets. Enthusiastic about most aspects of engineering and stand-up comedy. Found and married my other half and loving the roller coster ride ever since.

Parents wanted me to become a doctor, but I preferred engineering. Came up with a loop hole and did a PhD in Mechanical engineering at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to become a doctor. Completed undergraduate and graduate studies in Aerospace engineering from IIT Madras, India. Worked as a software engineer for a year to improve programming skills and to obtain industrial experience.

Now, living in Stuttgart with my wife and enjoying German beer.


These are my addictions (or passion).

  • Programming
  • Solid modeling and Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Football (one with the round ball)
  • Movies/documentaries
  • Standup comedy


Some of my works in academia and industry are listed below. Detailed description of projects and outputs are documented in Researchgate.

Machine Learning

Gained a fundamental understanding of Machine Learning through the online courses (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) at Coursera. This image is developed using Convolutional Neural Network.

Control system of robotic fish

A control system is developed for the motion of the robotic fish. The robot is used for underwater exploration. This project was a collaboration of IIT Madras and NIOT.

Design and fabrication of R/C aircrafts

Coordinated the design and development of fixed wing aircrafts, multi rotor aircrafts and ornithopters (mechanical bird) in the Aeroclub, IIT Madras. Trained nearly 1000 students to build R/C aircrafts in India.


PhD Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Mechanical engineering 2016-2021
Masters IIT Madras, India Aerospace engineering 2014-2015
Bachelors IIT Madras, India Aerospace engineering 2010-2014

Previous positions

Profile Organization Description
Doctoral fellow Technion - Israel Insitute of Technology (2016-present)
  • Funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN-ETN scholarship from European Union (Horizon 2020) involving a collaboration of 3 universities and 5 industries including Airbus Defense & Space and Rafael advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
  • Studied the concept 'Design to Demise' to fail a system in a controlled manner using experimental and numerical methods.
  • Developed and validated an accurate model to predict the damage of materials.
  • Utilized 3D modeling, structural analysis, and image processing.
Intern Airbus Defense & Space, Madrid, July - Sept 2019
  • Developed the numerical model of a component in the stage separation unit of the satellite launcher using Abaqus and SolidWorks.
  • Delivered a reliable model to examine the fracture under extreme loading conditions.
  • Implemented a numerical model using finite elements in Abaqus with a custom subroutine.
Researcher Univeristy of Carlos III Madrid, June - July 2019
  • Developed multiple material models using FEA and implemented in Abaqus software.
  • Delivered a reliable model to examine the fracture under extreme loading conditions.
  • Learned the finite element programs to implement multiple material models.
Researcher University of Lorraine, France, Sept - Nov 2018
  • Developed and implemented a damage model using FEA for brittle materials.
  • Demonstrated capability of the model to predict the fracture pattern even for a complex geometry.
Research assistant IIT Madras & NIOT, Apr - Sept 2016
  • Developed the control system for the motion of a robotic fish for underwater exploration.
  • Implemented PID control system design in Matlab Simulink.
Software developer Moonraft Innovation Labs, India, Sept - Apr 2016
  • Front end development of websites and android based applications.
  • Developed GUI for applications and modules using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
UAV Project coordinator IIT Madras, India, 2011 - 2015
  • Coordinated the design and development of fixed wing aircrafts, multi rotor aircrafts and ornithopters (mechanical bird) in the Aeroclub, IIT Madras.
  • Organised workshops to teach building RC aircrafts to nearly 1000 students in India.

Curriculum vitae


Areas of expertise

  • 3D modeling and FEA/FEM
  • Structural analysis and material modeling
  • CAD & CAE – SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD and Pro-E
  • Programming – Matlab, Python, Fortran, and Javascript
  • Software – Abaqus, Ansys, Autodesk Inventor, and NX
  • Image processing
  • Machine learning

Developed tools

Developed programs for material modeling and finite element analysis are shared in Github.
  1. Crack path and SIF evaluation: To detect the crack tip and the Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) from a displacement field during the fracture. The displacement is evaluated using the DIC.
  2. GTN damage model: Numerical impementation of the Gurson model with GTN modification for isotropic materials.
  3. Johnson-Cook model: VUMAT subroutine to implement the Johnson-Cook model for explicit systems.
  4. Viscoelastic material model: Abaqus VUMAT subroutine for viscoelastic isotropic model (Voigt) under explicit analysis.

Scientific articles